What are the factors that affect the precision injection mol


The mold designer must have rich experience in design and injection molding. For precision mold processing, the relationship between these influencing factors and injection conditions and its apparent factors must be considered, such as inj

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Want to extend the life of mold parts, regular maintenance f


The regular maintenance of mold parts plays a vital role in the service life of the mold. How should we repair the mold parts? Dongguan non-standard mold accessories provider of OKMOLD Technology Co., Ltd. teach you some mold parts maintena

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Notes when purchasing mold components


In order to establishing a good mold, we need to puchase the suitable mold parts according to the specific requirements. The common requirements of the mold parts are as follows: 1: Simple installation and how to maintain parts: check for s

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Good-luck of the beginning of 2019, the first day of the OK


February 14 th is the 10 th day of the first lunar month in2019, 13:58 pm, we set off firework in front of office building, the general manager of OKMOLD is handing over the New Year red packets for all employees and sending the best wishes

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Characteristics of High Precision Mold Components


In addition to strong enough strength and toughness, surface properties are essential for the performance and service life of high-precision mold parts. These performance improvements, which rely solely on the improvement of the matrix mate

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Grinder master teaches you mirror finish grinding processing


What is mirror finish-finish grinding? After the grinding process, the surface roughness of the work piece is less than Ra 0.01m, for precision mold processing, its like a mirror finish surface, which can be clearly imaged, so it is called

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Key Points of Quality Control in Mold Manufacturing Manageme


To ensure the quality of the mold, the management process is very important. The quality control points in the mold manufacturing management can start from the following aspects: 1. Effective product data management, process data management

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Which one is better in EDM , copper electrode or graphite el


Copper is widely used as an electrode material in EDM machining in precision mold components manufacturing plants. Many people think that graphite materials will be an alternative only when making large electrodes and when the mold processi

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Manufacturing of mold components and parts, OKMOLD is your b


Precision mold machining, precision plastic mold parts machining, choose OKMOLD Technology Co., Ltd, why do we say that, OKMOLD wont let you down, see our strengths as below: 1.Professional technology OKMOLD has a strong technical team supp

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The ultimate goal of all types of machine manufacturing is t


1. The manufacturer of automotive connectors should follow the principle of simplification of design: To see whether the connector are good or not, it is to see how simple, convenient, and effective the connector made by the auto connector

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