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    OKMOLD has the experience and technical expertise required to manufacture tightest tolerance components with 1 to 50 micron accuracy.

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    Precision Accuracy Complexity

    Shortest delivered date (start from 3 days) and affordable price.

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    Complex components? Impossible Tolerances?

    OKMOLD making the impossible tolerance, possible!

  • Manufactory

    Ultra-Precision custom metallic components manufacturing.

    Validated by Fortune 500 Brand: Jabil Group, Flextronics…

  • Manufactory

    Precision machining capability (0.001mm tolerance reachable) leading components making industry

OKMOlD provides Ultra-Precision (micron level 0.001mm tolerance reachable) customized metallic components for Mold&Die, Medical, Aerospace, Optics etc.

Precision capabilities

Attaining a tolerance between 1 and 50 microns in precision components manufacturing.

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  • origin of material and certificate
  • Skilled and experienced engineers
  • Ultra-Precision  Machining
  • Technician self measuring during machining
  • Overall inspection

  • Safety Packaging and on time delivery

  • Quality insurance and excellent after service

  • Continue improvement

  • We're Ready to Work  with You

    Quality is achieved by processing details, habit and quality consciousness.

    Quality consciousness has built up in Manufacturing Dept and other Dept, not only in QC Dept. Every staff in OKMOLD has been trained well to accept nothing less than absolute quality. We conduct monthly quality meeting to learn from the failure, sharing our experience to avoid similar problem happen again. Identify the root cause, work out a solution and prevention measures, recorded it in manual instruction to achieve continuous improvement... ..>>MORE

    Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Founded in 2004, OKMOLD Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high precision plastic mold components making company.Product ranging are micro-injection mold,medical, liquid silicone rubber, photoelectronics,new emerging Energy, auto harness,computer, cell phone connector etc. with more than 10 year’s gradual development, OKMOLD obtained ISO9001:2015 Certification and transform our precision components making experiences into mold making industry... >>MORE