Quality is achieved by processing details, habit and quality consciousness.

OKMOLD has focused on precision mold components making for more than 10 years, we understood the importance of processing details, habit and quality consciousness better than anyone else. In order to cultivate these excellent qualities of the OKMOLD team, we established our own processing manual and quality standard. The stricter one will be performed when there is any difference between customer requirement and OKMOLD’s standard.
Measuring equipments are used not only for the inspections but also for manufacturing process quality control in OKMOLD.
Sufficient measuring equipments were equipped on beside the technicians to help them improve their processing details, habit and quality consciousness.

When a small processing step is completed, our technicians will measure the processing result by themselves. It will help them well understand about their processing status and find out his mistake immediately. Any issues, he will modify or remake the components immediately.

1)  Every technician will be ashamed if his mistake was found out by QC. After technician finished his processing prior to send component to QC, he will positively measuring it to avoid unqualified component be delivered to QC department. 

2)After each processing prior to next processing, components will be sent to Quality control department for inspecting. NG component will be prevented to delivered to next processing. It will avoid processing cost and time wasting on NG component.

3) Quality consciousness has built up in Manufacturing Dept and other Dept, not only in QC Dept. Every staff in OKMOLD has been trained well to accept nothing less than absolute quality. We conduct monthly quality meeting to learn from the failure, sharing our experience to avoid similar problem happen again. Identify the root cause, work out a solution and prevention measures, recorded it in manual instruction to achieve continuous improvement.