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Nearby mold spare parts processing factory in china

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Zefu Mold is committed to establishing a century-old strong, stable, and professional quality brand image, creating the vision of "Zefu's products must be high-quality goods".
       In Zefu, plastic mold manufacturing will be strictly in accordance with customer requirements.
       All customer requirements are recorded and documented in a quality memorandum.

       The quality memorandum will be treated carefully and publicized to every project related personnel, and will be monitored along with the processing drawings throughout the process.
      Zefu will do it: relevant personnel fully understand customer requirements before processing, pay special attention to customer requirements during processing, and ensure compliance with customer requirements after processing.

      It is not enough to meet customer requirements, Zefu also actively finds ways to improve customer products, saving time and cost for customers.
      Zefu Mold started from precision parts processing, we understand the importance of processing details better than any other company.
       Zefu has established Zefu quality standards from design, mold parts making, mold assembly to injection molding.
      When there is a discrepancy between the customer's requirements and Zefor's standard, Zefor will choose the most stringent standard to implement.
      在 In some cases, the customer has no idea about mold making, but relying on Zefu's perfect and mature quality management system,
      They can still get a great product.